G9 Portable Enail

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G9 portable enail rechargable vaporizer pen

One of the smallest and portable dab nail device on the market .It takes 1x rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion battery . No wick, No coil.  

H-enail features

1. removable Li-Ion battery (take out battery to charge+ usb charge)

2.Heating base with decoration rings

3. Interchangeable cersmic Nail

4.Larger power button

5. Higher glass part, suitable for dabber

H-Enail Specification:

Model Name

H-Enail 2.0



Battery capacity

Roughly 2500mAh battery not included

H-enail Color


H-Enail Chamber


H-enail Top


Carb cap

Magnet & stainless steel

Work for



Aluminum box

H-Enail Weight


Please have the device fully charged before using it

1)The power button shows white light when the device is being charged, when it finish charging, the light turns to green.

2)Quick press the button 3 times, the device starts heating with white light, after 15 seconds, the light turns to green when the device is ready for dabbing.

3) Always press 3 times the power button to start up or shut down the device.

4)The power button light will flash 5 times when low battery; and 3 times when short circuit.

Temperature indicating

1)The Ceramic chamber can reach the highest temperature 950℉;

2)The Ceramic chamber reach to 580℉ after first time heating;

3)The Ceramic chamber will be 680℉ after 2 times continuous heating;

4)After 3 times continuous heating, the Ceramic chamber can be 780℉;

Please have the device heat no more than 5 times continuously to avoid the possibility of get burned.