Daedlus Coil Maker

Daedlus Coil Maker

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Avidartisan Daedalus Coil DIY Tool, the world's first clapton DIY tool indeed, which can build the clapton coil whatever you want and all the operations are too simple to pay much effort.

Main Feature:
1.  Automatic DIY tool to subvert your imagination
2.  Build the clapton coil
3.  All operations are too simple to pay much effort
4.  Button for easy control, speed control switch
Brand: Avidartisan
Product Type: Coil DIY Tool

Operation Guide: 
1.  Operate on the flat platform, try to keep the smart coil jig goes smoothly.
2.  Select the proper hole depends on the wire gauge.
3.  Try to keep the suitable intensity of the screw nut to guarantee the wire smooth. It's easy to break when screwing tight.
4.  Try to keep the proper speed to build the different clapton coil.
5.  Manually push the smart coil jig back gently when the wire won't go through automatically.
6.  Patiently try more times when using. Use your imagination and build the clapton coil you want.

Packing list:

2 x Magic clapton coil tool
1 x Swivel coastlock
1 x Metal accessory
1 x Daedalus body (not included 18650)
1 x Smart coil jig
1 x Tool clamp
2 x Screw nut
2 x Spring 
1 x Manual