Menovo Waxto Portable Enail

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Introducing the Menovo Waxto Portable Enail. This is one of the leading models of its type on the market today. This is great for those who enjoy the use of concentrates but have been wanting to stear clear of using a torch and having a few things to set up just to get there. With this unit get rid of your torch and dab with the portability of Waxto. Featuring a solid base so things won’t tip over, a titanium nail, a glass attachment for getting water filtration with every hit and a carb cap/dab tool so that you make sure not one bit of oil goes unused. The Menovo Waxto has a new and improved design compared to some of the other models produced by other companies. Featuring temperature control for ensuring you take low temp dabs to continuous heating so that you can keep going after the carb cap has been placed. One button press 3 times to start off/on and 30 seconds until titanium nail is at optimal temperature.

Size 230mm*82mm*36mm
Standard Color White, Black, Silver, Blue, Purple, Red
Main Material Aluminum
Resistance 0.5 ohm
Li-Battery 18650 Samsung 25R Includded
Temperature 200-428°F
Certificates CE/ROHS/FCC


Whats in the Box?

1– Portable Electric Nail
1– Titanium Atomizer
2– Adaptor
1– Data Cable
1– Glass Attachment
1– Dab Tool/ Carb Cap
18650 Samsung 25R
High Grade Aluminum Box